Transition to Value-based care
with AI-Powered
Risk Adjustment Solutions

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We Aim to help Providers, Health plans and the Healthcare industry to

Elevate Community Health

Prioritize the “Patient
first” approach

Improve Outcomes

Improve Outcomes, provide Better Care & ace Accurate Reimbursements

Patient first approach

Elevate Community Health while transitioning to a VBC World

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RAAPID unlocks Data Insights Efficiencies  Decision Making

Trapped within Unstructured Data

RAAPID unlocks

Data Insights Efficiencies  Decision Making

Trapped within Unstructured Data

We are Reimagining Value Based Care and Risk Adjustment with our Decade old Tested & Trusted AI technology platform by

  • Ensuring every patient’s data is addressed Holistically
  • Capturing complete clinical picture and improve RAF scores

Our AI makes human interventions smarter by automating manual processes so they can focus on what matters:


Modern AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Solution Provider

RAAPID’s NLP Platform is an AI-based technology that process the ingested raw patient data “ – both unstructured and structured format – ” from multiple sources and transforms them into a usable form. Our NLP platform helps to identify risk, improve quality of care, close gaps, and focus on financial performance.

Key Challenges in the Risk Adjustment Space for Value-based Care

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Growing Unstructured Texts

Exponential growth with more than 1.2 billion unstructured documents generated every year

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Capturing Accurate Patient Risk

Valuable Information is trapped within unstructured notes resulting inefficient coding

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Prioritizing "Patient First" approach

Prioritizing patients with missing diagnoses and at high-risk resulting in expensive errors

Who We Serve

Health Plans

Health Plans

Take a holistic approach to review & audit charts to make timely, accurate and compliant data submissions and achieve clinical and financial goals.



Assess complete risks of your patients to make timely and accurate decisions by capturing the full value of health data; efficiently integrated within your EHR workflows.

Coding Service Companies

Coding Service Companies

Streamline manual processes for Medical Coders, Chart Reviewers or HCC Auditors by AI to capture complete risk by unlocking critical information in unstructured clinical notes.

HealthTech Companies

HealthTech Companies

Unlock the potential of unstructured data sets and get access to clean structured clinical data to support provider, payer and pharma use cases.



If you work with clinical data in any way, we can help you unlock the potential of your unstructured notes.
Let's talk.

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Systems Integrators & Healthcare IT Vendors can leverage our NLP & AI technology available in APIs & SaaS to generate rich, structured & interoperable clinical data.

Why RAAPID's AI-Powered Risk Adjustment Solutions for MA Organizations

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Improve Efficiency

Automate and Increase both your coder productivity and coding quality

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Optimize Financial Performance

Identify net new HCC opportunities as well as deletes to stay compliant with accurate submissions

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Improve Care

Unlock the power of unstructured patient data to identify risk & close gaps

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Reduce Physician

Empower clinicians with patient insights to streamline and improve care

Our Solution Risk Adjustment Technology Clinical Decision Support Clinical NLP APIs  Risk Adjustment Services

Our Solutions

Risk Adjustment Technology

NLP Powered Risk Adjustment Coding & QA Platform

NLP Powered Risk Adjustment Coding & Audit Platform

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Clinical Decision Support

NLP Powered Pre Visit Suspect Analytics

NLP Powered Risk Prioritization & Population Health Platform

Platform as a Service

Accurately extract Clinical entities from unstructured data


Risk Adjustment Services

Onshore/Offshore Services for Retrospective Reviews and Audits

Onshore/Offshore Services for Prospective Reviews

The RAAPID Difference

Best in Industry

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

15+ Years of Innovation

Industry Pioneer in cutting edge Healthcare & Explainable AI solutions


We align with your workflows to deliver truly custom solutions


Tested & Trusted Technology on millions of clinical documents

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