Robust Clinical NLP platform that delivers speed and accuracy


The Challenges in Unlocking Patient Information

  • Exponential growth in clinical datasets
  • 1.2 billion Clinical documents generated every year
  • More than 80% of this data is unstructured in nature
  • Valuable information is trapped within these texts
Billions of $ are wasted because of errors and cannot mine insights from unstructured clinical data

Our Technology Platform at a Glance

Over 15+ Years, we have been the Pioneers in building successful clinical NLP platforms & their applications that delivers high accuracy and precision rates. Our core capability is to interpret unstructured notes, accurately and at scale

Tried & tested on billions of diverse and real clinical notes & documents

Medical Knowledge Infused NLP with 4M+ entities & 50M+ relationships

Built using innovative Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) models

Explainable AI with reasoning, context & evidences for output

Apply our Clinical NLP Technology to Optimize your Workflows

Leverage a foundation of rich ontologies & clinician-specific terminologies. We have the ability to understand, interpret and extract context & meaning from the messy, inconsistent, non-standardized data within medical documents.

Clinical NLP Technology to Optimize your Workflows

Medical Knowledge Infused NLP is the key to Customer Success

Our Clinical domain experts continuously infuse knowledge graphs into our NLP by mapping all the clinical entities and the relationship between them. So far, we have more than 4 million entities and 50 million relationships

Medical Knowledge Infused NLP is the key to Customer Success

Key Differentiators of our NLP Platform

Clinical Contextual Awareness

Clinical Contextual Awareness

Trained on billions of real and diverse clinical notes, Our NLP interpret the context surrounding identified information to get a better clinical understanding such as Negation or absence of findings, Current condition or Past, Dosage & Strength of Medications, Lab values, Family History, Section Identifier & more

Highly Scalable & Configurable

Built on modern cloud architecture and API first approach, our NLP platform is available via SaaS or APIs to address your specific use cases and auto scale as per your requirements. We also develop custom APIs or develop last mile applications using our platform

Highly Scalable & Configurable
Knowledge of Various Domains

Knowledge of Various Domains

Out of the box, our NLP solution can identify procedures, symptoms, diagnoses, labs, medications, anatomical structures and can codify into standard reference terminologies such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, RxNorm, ICD 10, CPT and others. We also fine tune our models as per guidelines and historical documents

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Dedicated Team of Data scientists, ML/DL Engineers, Clinical informatics and Medical domain experts who work hand in hand with the customer to fine tune our core models as well as configure our platform and solutions as per customer’s workflows and requirements

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Our Accolades

Best in the

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

Due Diligence & Acquisition

Portion of our technology & SaaS is acquired by a large coding company

Tested &

Our NLP SaaS & APIs are trusted by large Providers, Payors, and CMS auditors

Use cases we have Solved



Trained over millions of real clinical notes, our clinical NLP platform has been leveraged to built various last mile applications such as:

  • Computer Assisted Coding
  • Computer Assisted CDI
  • Code Auditing
  • Quality Measures
  • Analytics


With our ability to understand & accurately parse unstructured & structured notes, our clinical NLP platform has powered numerous applications for Health plans such as:

  • AI Powered Risk Adjustment Coding
  • Pre Bill Chart Auditing
  • Population Health
  • Prior Authorization
  • HEDIS & Stars
Pharma & Lifescience

Pharma & Lifescience

Expedite digital transformation journey by digitizing unstructured clinical notes using NLP. Improve ML, DL and Predictive models by leveraging hidden information trapped into the unstructured text to support use cases such as:

  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Research
  • Genome Sequencing
And many more

And Many More

If you are looking to understand the clinical language and parse unstructured texts, accurately and at scale, RAAPID's clinical NLP APIs can help your growth. Let's talk!

  • Semantic Search
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Medical cohort Analysis

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