Automate the HCC coding workflow with power of Ai

Streamline your Chart Review & Audit Projects with proven NLP Powered SaaS Product & Clinical NLP APIs

coding services companies

We support Coding Service Companies with

Retrospective Chart Reviews

Concurrent Chart Reviews

Prospective Chart Review

Chart Audit & Compliance

With RAAPID, Maximize your Impact, with a World Class Technology

Coding Service Companies partner with RAAPID as we encompass them with

Chart Review, QA & Audit Solution (AI SaaS)

Pre Visit Suspect & Priortization Solution (AI SaaS)

Clinical NLP Platform to power your Solutions (APIs)

Chart Retrieval & HCC Coders (Tech Enabled Services)

We support Coding Service companies Speed up their Chart Review process

RAAPID’s AI driven chart review solution for medical Coders orchestrates the traditional process by shifting the focus from charts’ volume to precision targeting charts. The result is minor chart retrieval requests, improved productivity, and error-free Risk score derivation.
Coding Companies partner with RAAPID as we assist them to

Run AI-enhanced

Retrieve & Review

HHS claims

HCC Coding Team! Are these your Roadblocks

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Unstructured Data for Patient
Chart Review

Multiple Tools and Sources are used to manage large volume of medical coding review tasks

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Manual Data Entry Work Flow which is mostly Inacurate

Lack of modern tools to measure coder’s productivity.

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Traditional Code Books which is
Time Consuming

Missing those necessary diagnosis codes for risk score derivation leads to legal complications

How do we Support you

Retrospective and Prospective

Why Should HCC Coding Companies Partner with RAAPID


Improve Productivity

Automate processes to enhance operations & efficiency with tested & trusted AI


Deliver Successful Projects

Build trust with your payer customers with accurate, complete & compliant coding and auditing


Access to Clinical NLP Platform

Just looking to infuse AI/NLP into your existing solution? Leverage our readily available APIs


One Stop Solution

We also provide solutions for chart retrieval, concurrent or prospective reviews, audits, custom NLP APIs

How RAAPID can Accelerate your journey with AI and Automation

How RAAPID can Accelerate your journey with AI and Automation
How RAAPID can Accelerate your journey with AI and Automation

Our Solution Risk Adjustment Technology Clinical Decision Support Clinical NLP APIs  Risk Adjustment Services

Our Solutions

Risk Adjustment Technology

NLP Powered Risk Adjustment Coding & QA Platform

NLP Powered Risk Adjustment Coding & Audit Platform

Risk Adjustment Technology
Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

NLP Powered Pre Visit Suspect Analytics

NLP Powered Risk Prioritization & Population Health Platform

Platform as a Service

Accurately extract Clinical entities from unstructured data

Platform as a Service
Risk Adjustment Services

Risk Adjustment Services

Onshore/Offshore Services for Retrospective Reviews and Audits

Onshore/Offshore Services for Prospective Reviews

Make the Most out of RAAPID's AI Risk Adjustment Technology

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The RAAPID Difference

Best in Industry

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

15+ Years of Innovation

Industry Pioneer in cutting edge Healthcare & Explainable AI solutions


We align with your workflows to deliver truly custom solutions


Tested & Trusted Technology on millions of clinical documents

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