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Know about Clinical Natural Language Processing APIs

For organizations finding it challenging to extract valuable information locked inside unstructured clinical texts, our clinical NLP Service makes it easier to extract meaningful clinical information from unstructured data found in a variety of patient medical records, transform it into organized structured data and map it to medical ontologies. Now dissect, organize, and analyze extensive amounts of clinical data at scale.

Clinical NLP APIs

Technology Overview

Since 15+ we have been the pioneers in developing successful clinical NLP platforms and their applications. Unlike other NLP platforms, our NLP algorithms are tested and trained on billions of real clinical notes that power high Accuracy, Precision, and Recall rates.

We leverage Knowledge-graph infused NLP with more than 50 Million Associations that are mapped with each other. Our medical natural language processing APIs are not reliant on keyword search-based algorithms or any rule-based engines.

As an affirmation of our capabilities, our NLP and its applications were rated highest by the KLAS Study, a part of our technology has been successfully implemented by a major coding company and we have partnered with healthcare organizations of all sizes including Federal Plan (CMS) Auditors, Providers, and Healthcare Technology Companies.

Our Healthcare NLP API Solutions

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Named Entity Recognition

Extract clinical entities, its context and relationship from large unstructured & structured datasets

A 28


Clinical NLP API to accurately convert extracted clinical entities into industry standard SNOMED CT codes

A 27

RxNorm APIs

Accurately convert extracted clinical entities into industry standard RxNorm codes

A 26


Clinical NLP API to accurately convert extracted clinical entities into LOINC codes

A 24


Accurately extract billable ICD-10-CM and PCS codes from patient encounter documents in real time

A 31


Accurately extract HCC and Risk (RAF) score codes from medical patients' encounter documents and medical claims in real-time

A 32


Accurately extract procedural terminology codes (diagnostic/medical/ surgical) from the patient document

A 25


Clinical NLP API to identify Evaluation & Management codes and extract them from patient encounter documents

A 24


Deidentify personal information as per safe Harbor guidelines and returns PHI redacted data

A 23

Custom APIs

We also develop
customized clinical APIs as per your custom

We Support



Our Platform Partners

Our Platform Partners

Key Benefits

Reliable NLP and AI Technologies

Leverage the only Tested & Trusted NLP trained on millions of diverse real clinical notes

Extract accurate clinical information, faster

Greater than 90% accuracy in matching the unstructured data into standard terminologies, in real time

Low document processing cost

You pay only for what you use, and there are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

Scalable natural language processing

Extract clinical entities from hundreds of millions of patient documents and images, at scale

Use Cases



Trained over millions of real clinical notes, our clinical NLP platform has been leveraged to built various last mile applications such as:

  • Computer Assisted Coding
  • Computer Assisted CDI
  • Code Auditing
  • Quality Measures
  • Analytics


With our ability to understand & accurately parse unstructured & structured notes, our clinical NLP platform has powered numerous applications for Health plans such as:

  • AI Powered Risk Adjustment Coding
  • Pre Bill Chart Auditing
  • Population Health
  • Prior Authorization
  • HEDIS & Stars
Pharma & Lifescience

Pharma & Lifescience

Expedite digital transformation journey by digitizing unstructured clinical notes using NLP. Improve ML, DL and Predictive models by leveraging hidden information trapped into the unstructured text to support use cases such as:

  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Research
  • Genome Sequencing
And many more

And Many More

If you are looking to understand the clinical language and parse unstructured texts, accurately and at scale, RAAPID's clinical NLP APIs can help your growth. Let's talk!

  • Semantic Search
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Medical cohort Analysis

The RAAPID Difference

Best in Industry

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

15+ Years of Innovation

Industry Pioneer in cutting edge Healthcare & Explainable AI solutions


We align with your workflows to deliver truly custom solutions


Tested & Trusted Technology on millions of clinical documents

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