World's First Personalized AI Powered Prospective Risk Adjustment Prioritization Platform

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Clinical Decision Support

Identify High-Value HCC Opportunities with Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

Starting your risk adjustment program with the right subset of members to pursue risk-adjustable, high-value HCC opportunities with undocumented conditions can be a mammoth challenge.

HCC Triage is World’s first personalized AI Powered Risk Adjustment Prioritization Platform that leverages advanced analytical models, and deep learning algorithms to provide our clients with a prioritized list, predicting which members are at risk and have the highest probability of missing conditions. Now proactively schedule Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) to capture complete risk and better outcomes

The RAAPID Difference

Best in Industry

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

15+ Years of Innovation

Industry Pioneer in cutting edge Healthcare & Explainable AI solutions


We align with your workflows to deliver truly custom solutions


Tested & Trusted Technology on millions of clinical documents

Key Benefits

Identify High Potential Value Charts

Code with confidence as complete audit trail and supporting evidence for HCCs is digitized

Save Time to Analyze Data

Automate manual processes with custom designed solution & real time project visibility of your operations

Accurately Schedule Pre Visit Planning

Effectively identify members to schedule Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) on focus on preventive care

Improve Financial Performance

Stay on top of individual patients current and long term needs to optimize revenue and improve shared savings

Key Features

Auto Priortized Charts

Our innovative deep Knowledge Graph-based NLP technology reads the previous 18-24 months of patient data to automatically identify high value opportunity charts and patient list

Auto Capture HCC codes with MEAT
3 Click Chart Review

3 Click Chart Review

RAAPID automates & streamlines manual coding workflows in less than three clicks and it is the most innovative way to ace improvement in HCC Coding and RAF scores.

Integrated Codebooks & Resources

The inbuilt codebooks act like a superpower. It has all the coding guidelines, references & knowledge that you need. No more inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Chart Review

How HCC Triage Works

Credos of HCC Triage


Prioritize High Value Charts

Upstream Risk bearing entities need to focus on the right charts by identifying diagnosis gaps. Today, pre-visit teams manually go through hundreds of pages to identify charts. It is time-consuming which overloads the already burned-out clinician teams. HCC Triage utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to accurately read unstructured & structured medical records and identify opportunities to prioritize High Potential value charts

Technology with Contextual Consciousness

Trained on billions of real and diverse clinical notes, HCC Triage is built upon state of the art AI, NLP, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) models that interprets the context surrounding identified information. We collect and ingest past 24 months data from various sources such as labs, pharmacies, clinical notes, SDOH etc to get longitudinal view of medical records, suspect and chronic conditions to priortize charts

Clinical Contextual Awareness
Knowledge of Various Domains

Explainable AI, not a Blackbox

All outputs that the system suggests are backed by Reasoning, Context & Evidence and are presented to the pre-visit care team & physicians. Now Analyze all of the patients’ data and get a sorted patients list based on certain guidelines such as Number of HCCs, Higher RAF score, Specific HCC conditions, number of comorbid conditions, etc

Highly Personalized & Configurable

One size fits all, out of the box AI solution never works in Healthcare. Built on modern cloud architecture and API first approach, we work with our customers to fine tune our models and customize workflows to deliver truly personalized pre-visit prospective risk adjustment solutions. Now Identify the more-sick/at-risk patients, proactively reach out to those patients to provide preventive care, better outcomes and reduce cost

Highly Scalable & Configurable

Coding Services Support

Need additional coding resources?

RAAPID provides complete prospective risk adjustment coding services using HCC Triage to streamline your processes. We support you with onshore and offshore coder resources to flexibly meet your requirements and submission timelines.

Make the Most out of RAAPID's AI Risk Adjustment Technology

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