World's First Personalized AI Powered Prospective Risk Adjustment Suspect Analytics Platform

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Capture, Document, and Close Diagnosis Gaps at Point of Care

Capture, Document, and Close Diagnosis Gaps at Point of Care

Prospective Risk Adjustment approach is the need of an hour as getting clinically validated actionable data in near real-time at the point of care reduces physician burnout and eliminates the requirement for costly retrospective chart chasing, QA and audits. However, shifting to Prospective approach is difficult and resource heavy using manual retrospective ways.

HCC Sage is World’s first personalized AI Powered Prospective Risk Adjustment Suspect Analytics Platform. Now leverage NLP and deep learning to suspect diagnosis and recapture chronic conditions. These actionable insights are presented to pre visit team in clinical workflows before a patient-clinician encounter so that clinicians can capture, document and close diagnosis gaps to improve care quality.

The RAAPID Difference

Best in Industry

Our NLP SaaS & Team rated highest in KLAS study

15+ Years of Innovation

Industry Pioneer in cutting edge Healthcare & Explainable AI solutions


We align with your workflows to deliver truly custom solutions


Tested & Trusted Technology on millions of clinical documents

Key Benefits

Capture New & Uncoded Diagnosis

Early identification, prediction and evaluation of new diagnosis, disease conditions and progression

Improve Upstream Risk Capture

Accurate, comprehensive list to close more diagnosis gaps with supporting evidence for uncoded HCCs

Reduce Physician Burnout

Actionable data at the point of care within physician workflows reduces burnout with complete documentation

Streamline Project Operations

Automate manual processes with custom-designed solutions to integrate within your EHR workflows

Key Features

Auto Suspect Diagnosis Identification

Our innovative deep Knowledge Graph-based NLP technology reads the charts to automatically suggest suspect diagnosis based upon the clinical indicators

Auto Capture HCC codes with MEAT
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Auto Recapture Condition Codes list

Our innovative deep Knowledge Graph-based NLP technology reads previous charts and claims to automatically recapture chronic conditions based upon documented pieces of evidence

Integrated within EHR/Custom Workflow

Entire solution is integrated with your EHR so that the physician can spend quality time with patient and need not move a inch to document relevant information

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How HCC Sage Works

Credos of HCC Sage


Proactively Capture Risk

Upstreaming Risk-bearing entities need to ensure to capture risk during patient visits by identifying diagnosis gaps. Today, pre-visit teams do it manually and it is time-consuming which overloads already burned-out clinician teams. HCC Sage utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to accurately read unstructured & structured medical records to identify suspect conditions, and recapture previous chronic conditions, and medical necessity

Comprehensive Suspect Technology

Trained on billions of real and diverse clinical notes, HCC Sage is built upon state-of-the-art AI, NLP, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) models that interpret the context surrounding identified information. We collect and ingest the past 24 months’ data from various sources such as labs, pharmacies, clinical notes, SDOH, etc to get a longitudinal view of medical records and accurate suspect conditions

Clinical Contextual Awareness
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Explainable AI, Integrated within EHR

All outputs that the system suggests are backed by Reasoning, Context & Evidence that are presented to the pre-visit care team & physicians. It is a “Human in the loop” solution, integrated straight into EHR clinical workflows so that clinicians or PCPs can Efficiently Identify, Evaluate & close diagnosis gaps during visits. HCC Sage makes human interventions smarter, freeing them from manual work and letting them focus on Decision making

Highly Personalized & Configurable

One size fits all, out of the box AI solution never works in Healthcare. Built on modern cloud architecture and API first approach, we work with our customers to fine tune our models and customize workflows to deliver truly personalized pre-visit Prospective Risk Adjustment Solutions

Highly Scalable & Configurable

Coding Services Support

Need additional coding resources?

RAAPID provides complete prospective risk adjustment coding services using HCC Sage to streamline your processes. We support you with onshore and offshore coder resources to flexibly meet your requirements and submission timelines.

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