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We don't consider Skills first. We look for the Right Attitude! Skills can be developed anytime


Healthcare deeply and meaningfully impacts every single person on Earth

We believe that AI can empower Healthcare payers, Providers, and Medical Coders to provide higher-quality care through data accuracy. We use the latest AI and NLP advances to build solutions that streamline the RAF derivation process and help Providers make the best decisions in the toughest of circumstances, faster

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The RAAPID Life & culture

Our culture encourages every RAAPID member to go beyond their vertical of excellence and to curiously explore and learn, share and Implement. Our people are intelligent, curious, imaginative, and passionate about technology. With RAAPID, you can expect the best because we are passionate and committed to delivering the best. We believe in taking risks, making mistakes, celebrating each success – big or small, and aiming to help each other reach their full potential. We don’t believe in an inflexible hierarchy.

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The RAAPID CHEF - Difference


Continuous Learning & Development

We nurture our employees’ professional development (Technical/Functional & Soft skills)- because lifelong learning guarantees innovative ideas.


Hybrid Workplace

Geography is “History”. Hybrid is the “New Normal”. Our employees can work remotely or from home when required so that they can balance their work and private lives.


Equal & Inclusive

We believe that our people are at the heart of our company and the key to our future success, which is quite evident through our low attrition rates. Our company strives to offer real and effective equal opportunities for all groups.



Our workplace is all about Employee experience. That’s because flexibility, comfort, safety, and satisfaction are the catalysts for so many other brilliant outcomes.

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Paid Parental Leave

remote friendly

Remote Friendly



fast track growth

Fast Track growth

The People-First Approach

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One day you are young and the next day you are on a different mental ride. One day you get appreciation, the same day you get Criticized! At RAAPID the people-centricity starts the day the hunt begins. We look for people, not just employees. Thus we embark on the right attitude, ethics, and core capabilities more than Core competence.

Mun K Lakra

HR Business Partner

We Focus on Both - Employee and Career Development Plan

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